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Roof Extensions

Seamlessly pair your new

roofing with the existing.

Often a very tricky job, and can lead to a plethora of problems if done incorrectly - marrying a exisitng roof with a new one is a job that needs to be carried out by a professional. Hamiltons have carried out many of these jobs in the past - all completed to a high-quality finish to ensure we don't have any leaks or incorrectly matched roofing. We want to be looking good right! 

We guarantee to provide you with a seamless blend between your new and existing roof that looks like it was already there! 
Situations could be:

  • New Carport or garage extension

  • Extension of living area or bedroom(s)

  • Multi-story extensions

  • Simple Patio Veranda

Corner of a Roof Gutter
Roofers at Work


Valley Repairs

Switching Roofs




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